Falling Skies was the collection Cedric Mizero presented in 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. The text below reminds of the inspiration gathered by Cedric during a solo trip in Rwanda in Spring 2016, which culminated in this series of creations.

Cedric Mizero falling skies
falling skies 2.PNG

Have you ever looked up to the sky during a thunderstorm? Feeling the lashing winds on your skin, hearing the deafening noise of falling raindrops, turning little rippling streams into torrential rivers. Being dazzled by lightning and terrified by thunderclap, you realize how small you are in this universe, surrounded by incredibly strong powers, surrounded by nature. There is something stronger than us, something bigger, something that you cannot control, neither with the money you gain nor with the success you might achieve. Nature is the best place to learn some kind of modesty. We are insignificant, we cannot control nature or influence the weather. We can only change ourselves. Respect nature, love other people and love yourself. If the skies fall, hold up your hands. You will catch all the stars. Have you ever looked up to the sky at any time, wondering what it would feel like to have wings and just fly, high, above the sky. To make the sky your soil, with the clouds being your garden and the stars being your flowers. Why do we actually tend to look up when we think of the sky? Look at your feet, you are standing in the sky and walking around in your peaceful garden, admiring the flowers and the complete silence surrounding you. Probably this is what we call peace. No rush, no fight, just freedom. No boundaries and no rules. You can even build your castle in the clouds without worrying about rules of architecture, in the sky, there are no limits. And the sky actually begins on earth. At your feet. And from your heart you can touch the sky. Falling stars, falling skies. Catch the stars, touch the sky. Dream. The sky is not the limit, you can go further. You can reach the stars and go beyond the sky if you just believe in it. Shine and sparkle. Be your own star in a winter’s night and someone’s flower on a summer day. See stars in other peoples’ eyes and find the sky in your heart. You will find the freedom you are searching for.